Climate Change Impact Retirement

Climate Change and Its Potential Impact on Retirement Funds

October 2019

The effects of climate change go far beyond disruption in the ecosystems; it may affect our retirement as well. Read more about its potential impact on retirement fund here. 

Modoras Executive Planner named Finalist in 2018 Women in Finance

Do you commit none, one or all seven deadly financial sins for women?

September 2019

With over 25 years’ experience empowering women to create diamond shimmering futures, Katerina Sousalis covers topics such as the fundamentals of investing and wealth creation in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.


Why Are Women Better at Investing—And Why They Aren’t

August 2019

Data shows that women are more successful in investing than most men, but not many women are aware of it. Here’s why.

Grow Your Business By Increasing Market Share

August 2019

Go to the next level with your business by increasing market share with these actionable strategies.

ATO Rolls Out Stricter Measures Against False Tax Deduction Claims

August 2019

ATO is implementing stricter measures against false tax deduction claims from millions of taxpayers. Taxpayers need to exercise more caution when filing tax deduction claims now that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Expenses Many Forget to Claim as Tax Deductions

August 2019

Do you know what deductions you’re claiming in your business each financial year? We’ve got 7 lesser-known expenses you didn’t know were tax deductible.

Save Money on Superannuation

August 2019

Keeping track of superannuation accounts may help save more money for a more comfortable retirement. Learn more in this post.

6 Strategies for Financial Planning Success

August 2019

The right financial planning strategies are key to creating one’s desired lifestyle. Unlock your lifestyle potential with the help of these financial planning strategies.

How to Budget in 6 Easy Ways

August 2019

Turn your financial situation around by learning how to budget. We have 6 actionable tips to help you budget better.

Tax Offset Brings More Tax Savings for Low to Middle Income Earners

August 2019

Thanks to the new tax cuts rolled out by the government, many Australians, particularly those in the low and middle-income brackets, will be enjoying more savings because of the tax offset policy that can inject more cash in their budgets. Read more about the new law.