FBT Christmas Party

How is Fringe Benefits Tax Calculated?

December 2019

How is fringe benefits tax calculated? There are 3 methods for calculating fringe benefits tax. Let’s take a look at each in a little more detail.

Christmas Party FBT

Christmas Party Chaos… Will you be Charged FBT?

December 2019

With the festive season upon us, many employers will be planning to reward staff for their efforts this year.  Food, drinks, gifts… How do you know if you will be charged fringe benefits tax (FBT)?  And how can you reduce the FBT you pay?

Enjoy the Silly Season

Enjoy the Silly Season, But Don’t Go Silly

November 2019

Enjoy the silly Christmas season. It’s is a great time of year to enjoy the fun, family and for many of us, time away from work at the same time many stores push their tempting sales. Read our top tips this seasons for enjoying this time of year.

Hit Financial Goals

Financial Goals – How will you hit them?

November 2019

As with any New Year’s resolution, short term or long term goal, there will be moments where it can get difficult to stick to your guns. Whether that be making it to the gym that day, choosing the healthier option at lunch or staying focussed on achieving your financial goals.

Holiday Retirement Goals

Does the Holiday Season Have You Thinking Of Slowing Down?

November 2019

The holiday season can provide some much-needed time for rest and recuperation, as well as time to re-evaluate what’s important to you and what you want to focus on in the New Year.

Investing for Income or Capital

Are you investing for income or capital growth?

November 2019

Getting your head around investing for income can be a difficult task. Learn the five key concepts on investing for income here.

Payrol Right

Payroll: Do you have it right?

November 2019

Payroll provides an opportunity for feedback in knowing if your business is turning a profit and where money is being spent. Read full article here.

ATO Small Business

ATO Tax Professionals Key to Successful Small Businesses

November 2019

Speaking at the Tax Institute’s 2019 Tasmanian State Convention, Mr Mills listed small businesses utilising services from tax professionals as a standout factor towards small business success. Read full article here.

Climate Change Impact Retirement

Climate Change and Its Potential Impact on Retirement Funds

October 2019

The effects of climate change go far beyond disruption in the ecosystems; it may affect our retirement as well. Read more about its potential impact on retirement fund here. 

Modoras Executive Planner named Finalist in 2018 Women in Finance

Do you commit none, one or all seven deadly financial sins for women?

September 2019

With over 25 years’ experience empowering women to create diamond shimmering futures, Katerina Sousalis covers topics such as the fundamentals of investing and wealth creation in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.