Non-compliance Makes Directors Personally Liable for Unpaid Super

July 2019

ATO is now making directors personally liable for non-payment of super and PAYG withholding.  Being on time with mandated payments and reports could mean the difference between alleviating an existing financial predicament and getting penalized, which is the case with the new rules affecting non-payment of superannuation and PAYG withholding for companies.

Get the Most out of Your Financial Planner

November 2018

We know your time is precious, but outcomes are important, so we’ve outlined some ways you can get the most out of your meeting with a financial planner.

Tips for SMSF Trustee

November 2018

Do you know your responsibilities as an SMSF Trustee? Here are the things you need to know. Click here for more.

Gig Economy and Retirement

November 2018

The gig economy is a new way of working but what does this mean for your retirement? Don’t sacrifice your future while chasing flexibility and freedom now – get a plan in place so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Market Volatility

November 2018

Stop worrying about market volatility! The right investment strategy can help you take advantage of equity market cycles. Click here for more.

Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business

November 2018

Taking the right action when starting your own business can mean the difference between success and failure. Take a look at our top tips to give you the best head start possible.

How to Negotiate When Selling a Business

November 2018

Do you have the negotiation skills and know-how to sell your business for the right price? We’ve put together some tips to take the stress out of your business sale.

No More Tax Deductions for Non-compliant Payments

June 2019

Businesses that make payments considered “non-compliant” will no longer be able to claim tax deductions starting 1 July 2019.  Learn more about PAYG withholding rules here.

Salary Sacrificing

June 2019

Salary sacrificing means allotting a portion of an individual’s pre-tax salary to be exchanged with a benefit that is of similar value. Is it beneficial?

Boost your Super

Boost your Super with these End of Financial Year Strategies

June 2019

Implementing smart end of financial year strategies may enhance your current financial strategies in getting more tax savings and preparing a healthy nest egg come retirement age. As talks about modifying the current superannuation policy make their way in the news, now’s a good time to roll up your sleeves and get started on reinforcing your superannuation funds.